In Home-Computer Image Design

Our Image design program creates a visual landscape design. All that’s required is a digital picture of your house or building. Our program uses more than 8,500 high quality images of plants, grass, and mulch. As well as hardscapes, water features and other materials.

As a result, you get a dazzling landscape design that will make it easy for you to decide to go with us. Scroll down further to read about landscaping estimates and our design program.

The Design Process

You schedule an appointment with us, we arrive to take multiple photographs of the desired project area. We welcome your input as we discuss the project together. Once the meet up concludes we will give you a timeframe on when the design will be finished. Further, once the design and quote are complete, a final appointment is set. The design(s) will be shown, and we give you the detailed quote. Once the customer accepts the bid a down payment towards the total amount is collected. Further, this ensures customers are put on schedule and materials are ordered and purchased. Once all is decided we will move forward with scheduling and bring your project to life.

All Plant and Material Images you Desire!

Our design program includes over 8,500 of the best images in the industry. Bringing an unmatched level of photo-realism to the presentations.

All plants are organized by climate zones. So, you don’t have to wade through plants that won’t work in your area.

Our Plant Growth Feature

Furthermore, our image designing can show you what the plan will look like one to ten years from now. We can even grow the plants in the negative direction, to show you what it will look like when they are planted.

Call Envisions Landscape for landscaping estimates and our design program!