Daily operations for team members

Envisions is now hiring dependable workers! To start with, here’s what to expect from our day-to-day operations. Our number one goal is safety! For this reason, we keep our job-sites neat and organized. Which in turn, keeps workers and customers safe, confident, and shows pride in what we do. Further, here are some examples of the different types of tasks you will be performing. Workers and team leaders must work together in order to complete jobs in a safe, neat, and timely manner.

We lead by example and therefore workers in all positions may be asked to help in many different ways in order to get jobs completed. Some examples of the types of work you may be doing daily. Furthermore, these tasks can range from edging and mulching, planting flowers, shrubs, trees, to helping us install grass in new or renovated yards.

They could also include helping to install patios and walls, farm ponds, or water features. Or maybe helping us install drain lines, low voltage lighting, or operating various landscaping and excavating equipment. As a result, everyday there’s a good possibility of learning something new. In fact, the more you learn the more possibilities there are to advance in pay and positions.

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Now hiring Dependable Workers

Further, we are now hiring dependable workers. No experience is necessary! We’ll train you by leading from example. Providing you with a good wage based on your performance and learning skills.

Laborers starting wages between $12.00 to $20.00 per hour or salary, depending on experience.

Experienced landscape and hardscape installers

Team leaders, we’ll pay you top wages. Thus, this position also includes benefits and paid vacations after a probationary period.

Landscape Team leaders and Forepersons, starting between $14.00 to $28.00 per hour or salary.

You must have a valid clean driver’s license, as well as be able to operate landscape equipment, drive a truck, and trailer safely. Moreover, we recommend taking a look through our website. Especially the services we provide. That way you can get an idea of the kind of work we do. Maybe you have some prior experience of some work we do. If so, great! Be sure to let us know when giving us a call.

Snow removal

Additionally, extra pay is added to regular pay during the winter season for all positions.

Snow Plowing 1Snow Plowing 2

Now Hiring Dependable Workers

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